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The Chief Secretary, Ambassador Ombeni Y. Sefue, participates at the National Defence College 2014 Stakeholders Forum, Kunduchi, Dar es Salaam, 14th August, 2014.

On 14th August, 2014 the Chief Secretary, Ambassador Ombeni Y. Sefue spoke at the National Defence College Stakeholders Forum (NDC Stakeholders Forum - 2014) at the College headquarters in Kunduchi,Dar es Salaam. Ambassador Sefue was invited to speak on the "Role of the Public Service Organizations in Ensuring the Success of theNationalDefenceCollege: Place of NDC in the Process of Nation Building.

Among other things, Ambassador Sefue told participants that, by establishing the NDC, the government was not reinventing the wheel as the majority of countries in the world have their own National Defence Colleges, some of which have been elevated to fully-fledged National Defence Universities. He elaborated on his vision on the NDC, namely:

        i.            That, NDC should be the most prestigious high ranking learning institution for our military, security and civil service officials. For that to happen he asked NDC to ensure there is a solid track record of academic excellence, rigorous multidisciplinary research, and prolific publication in policy and strategic studies.

     ii.            That, NDC must be the place where silos are broken down to enable participants to see challenges, priorities and issues more clearly from a very broad perspective nationally, regionally and globally.

   iii.            That, NDC should ultimately aspire to be the preeminent and authoritative national think tank on defence, security and strategic policies and issues.

In sum, Ambassador Sefue underscored that, NDC is one of the places where the government should be preparing the next generation of leaders in the military, security and public service in general. He pointed out that soon the government will consider participation in the NDC courses as an added advantage when considering appointments at very senior levels of government. He therefore urged everyone in the public service a keener interest in theNationalDefenceCollege.