About Chief Secretary

Ambassador Philemon L. Luhanjo

(21/01/2006 - 30/12/2011)


Mr. Luhanjo Studied Public Administration at the then Institute of Development Management (now Mzumbe University), graduating in 1977 with Diploma in Public Administration. Later he earned Masters Degree in Public Administration from the University of Southern California (USC) Los Angeles, California, USA (1981 - 1982), specializing in Public Policy Analysis.

Brief History

Mr. Phillip L. Luhanjo, served in the Government of United Republic of Tanzania since April 1975 in many middle and senior positions. He worked as an Administrative Officer, Cadet in Rukwa region, Sumbawanga district and Ministry of Land, Housing and Urban Development (April 1975 - June 1976), Manpower Planning Officer, Coordinating manpower plans in twenty regions of Tanzania Mainland Department of Regional Administration (April 1977 - June, 1983), Acting Assistant Commissioner, Manpower Planning and Training (July - December 1983). He was appointed as a Private Secretary to the Chief Secretary and Secretary to the Cabinet in President's Office State House (2nd Jan, 1984 - March 1986) Between April 1986 and December 2005, worked as Clerk to the Cabinet (Cabinet Secretariat) in President's Office State House.